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Primarily, for the development of wind power projects, GOP had ear-marked two main wind pockets one at Jhimpir and the other was Gharo, located 100 km northeast, and 60 km southeast, respectively, of Karachi.

HAWA was elected to locate the Project at Jhimpir where it had been allocated 1,551 acres.

An insight on the Location

“Jhimpir is 100 km from the Arabian Sea, and has an elevation of between 40 to 50 meters. The terrain at Jhimpir is primarily flat, with relatively few water bodies. This area also has a rich data base of wind resource studies, analyzed by private project developers in the region. There are nineteen wind projects including HAWA which are operational in Jhimpir, and the GOP has implemented an open-data policy for sharing information in order to encourage new participants. On the basis of site data compiled from several international standard wind masts, wind speed predictions of 7.5 m/s to 7.7 m/s have been estimated at the height of 80 meters.